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What Budget Crisis?

Please take a few moments and review the infographics below that we have created about the financial situation in the Central Bucks School District. In these infographics we explain how Central Bucks has secretly saved nearly 120 million dollars in the past five years and is clearly not in a budget crisis, and why the cuts to educational programs and services over the past five years have been unnecessary. 

As always, our goal with this step is to increase awareness and transparency in our schools. If, after reviewing our information, you are concerned about the financial situation in CB, we recommend directing questions to your school board member

We believe an independent forensic audit of all district accounts would be an important step forward in clarifying the district's financial situation for our community. 

These are our tax dollars, our schools, and most importantly, our children. We deserve to be an integral part of the discussion and process that administers these funds for our children. It is unacceptable that our community has been misled. Of course we don't disagree with saving money, but our community should have been made aware of the complete financial situation. 

You can find additional information and source documents on the financial situation on our website here. The infographics will also be made available on our facebook page and through our twitter account, where they can easily be shared.  They can also be saved by right-clicking, and you can then zoom in for better clarity of small type.


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